Wake Up!

November 16, 2017

New Feature “Awakening” that makes creatures more powerful. “Awakening” works as “Evolve”. You choose the creature, then choose the recipe, but instead of lvl-up, a creature will get a new skill. At the beginning, there are only six Tier 5 creatures and six Tier 3 creatures get “Awakening”(See the list below). All creatures have 2 “Awakening” recipes(recipes are different by complexity) and 2 new skills accordingly.

✔ “Awakening” recipes will be the same for all grades (from XI to XVII for Tier 5 and from IX to XIV for Tier 3) of the creature. So, you can “Awake” it at any moment.

✔ Be aware that all “Awakening” recipes require: creature itself and four new special “Awakening” evo-material: Moon Spark and Sun Spark.
These materials are obtained in a new Guild Raid – “Skyland”. Entrance fee is Life Crystals.

✔ Values of “awakening” skills grow with creature grade;
✔ Level of the creature after “awakening” drops to 1;

Zafar the Great Djinn Lord
Born in the Depths of Hell
Mathayus, The Scorpion King
Ancient Dragon from the Hill
Ancient Dragon of the Hellfire
Annabelle, Wishmaster

Melinara the Spirits’ Interlocutor
Lily, Great Mage of Light
Tenebris, the Black Archmage
Shogun, The Immortal Samurai
Thoroughly looking Basilisk
Sir Arthur, Paladin of Silence