May 25, 2017

✔ Special Crypts will be available on Thursday and Sunday on the weeks when Tourney isn’t on. And this also means that special Crypts will appear more often from now;

✔ Cost of buildings in Player’s Castle was rebalanced;

✔ Clair, The Doomcaller – ability “Black Wind” attacks on one target more on all grades.

✔ Added 3 new creatures that can be obtained from all regular crypts:
Manticore from the Other side – Beast, Attacker
“Serrated Claws”
On attack – Deals 4,5x critical damage to enemies(On the last grade);

Liu Kanh, Bone Dragon Warrior – Demon, Attacker
“Bone Dragon Blow”
On attack – Splashes 250% damage to target’s neighbours(On the last grade);

Lothy, Gryphon King – Human, Attacker
“Gryphon Fury”
Being attacked – Counterattacks enemies;