August 17, 2017

Rewards in “Mysterious Wanderers” raid were changed;

✔ “Ronin, Masterless Samurai” added to “Newcomer’s Crypt”;
✔ “Averaan, Mistress of Sin” – moved from “Newcomer’s Crypt” to “Classic Crypt”;

✔ “Vulcania, Lucifer’s Inamorata” – ability of summoned creature improved on all grades;
✔ “Project DEFENDER, Mech Lord” – ability improved on all grades;
✔ “Kanga Zebr, the Christmas Guardian” – ability changed to: Aura with range 1 – friendly beasts deals 1,75x critical damage to enemies with 50% chance (on last grade);

✔ Added new creature:
Ronin, Masterless Samurai – Human, Attacker
“Sudden death”
On attack, 75% chance – Instantly kills enemies (on last grade);