July 21, 2017

The frequence of special crypts was increased;

Added two new special crypts that will appear periodically:

“Classic Crypt” that contains the following creatures:
(The closest dates when this crypt will be available: 27/07/2017 – 28/07/2017)

Sir Lancelot, Paladin of Light
Sir Arthur, Paladin of Silence
Sir Mordred, the Dark Paladin
Metaes, The Scorpion King
Kaa, the Serpent King
Ancient Dragon from the Hill
Ancient Dragon of the Hellfire
Ancient Dragon of the Eternal Frost
Ancient Dragon of the Eternal Rest
Ancient Dragon of the Lightnings
Santa ‘Bloody Ripper’ Claus Sr.
Born in the Depths of Hell
Zafar, the Great Djinn Lord
Phoenix, The Burning Wing
Maris, the Ocean Archmage
Faust, the Harbinger of Death
Immortal King of the Apes
Morgan, the Darkwood Witch
Airus, the Storm Archmage
Ignus, the Hellfire Archmage
Terros, the Stone Archmage
Tenebris, the Black Archmage
Giant Lord of Bugs
Ancient Scarab of Osiris
Simba, the Lion King
Thoroughly looking Basilisk
Blooming Spring Avenger
Autumn fallen Avenger
Titanic Mountain Troll
Azur, Elemental Seer
Kariya, the Great Forest Nymph
Dang, the Red Abbot
Kenshiro, Leader of the Storm Clan
Spitting Desert Monster
Sand Monster of Weakness
Babrog the Harbinger of Victory
Melinara the Spirits’ Interlocutor
Manticore from the Inferno
Daughter of the Love and Death
Abaddon, the Immortal Defender

“Newcomer’s Crypt” that contains the following creatures:
(The closest dates when this crypt will be available: 29/07/2017 – 30/07/2017)

Izenna, North Queen
Cerberus, Guardian of Hades
Lily, Great Mage of Light
Annabelle, Wishmaster
Manticore from the Other Side
Liu Kahn, Bone Dragon Warrior
Lothy, Gryphon King
Claszureme, Time Lord
Aquat, Lord of Water
Essy, Lake Monster
Vazsha, Naga Queen
Lanfomuri, Protectress of Humans
Zero, the Frostblade Clan Leader
Erphoria, the Fearweaver
Xivir, the Deathwhisper
Bastet, the Blade Hurricane
Circe, The Reality Corruptor
Vulcania, Lucifer’s Inamorata
Nika the Bloody spear
Shesemtet, The Ancient Sphinx
Averaan, Mistress of Sin
Illida, Demon Huntress