September 20, 2017


This autumn we decided to assemble famous movie critics of Pangea world. To find out who is the best of the best from the “Dream Factory”. ⭐

🏆 Best Fail (video for the most in-game epic fail)
– 7500 💎gems
🏆Best Battle (video with the most exciting battle)
– 7500 💎gems
🏆Sense of Humor (the funniest video of our game ever)
– 7500 💎gems
🏆Who is your Daddy? (the best domination gameplay)– 5000 💎gems
🏆Best Director and Writing (video with the most exciting editing, effects and storyline like “Typical day of Graugt”)
– 15000 💎gems

1)Make your own video of Forge of Gods. It may be any video like trailer, walktrough, review, exciting story, musical video or even beautiful slideshow. You’re only limited by your own imagination!
2) Upload it on YouTube
3) Add your ID and these links to the description of the video:
Facebook group:
4) Post link to your video in comment to this topic or on Facebook
(❗) ATTENTION! Videos without ID and links won’t be rewarded!

You can use any apps and tricks to record in-game videos from your screen.
You are welcome to use your own voice, editing, music and visual effects! The more spectacular your video is, the better your chances.
The results will be announced on October 20th. Good Luck!